Visit Costco Gas Station for Cheaper Gas Prices

We all suffer from gas prices going up, don’t we? With inflation going on, it becomes hard not to look for lower prices regarding gas. I don’t know about you, but I need to commute every day. So high gas prices can become a problem.

Here’s the thing!

I have a great solution up my sleeves. You might already know what I’m talking about. Costco gas stations!

Can you get cheaper gas at any Costco gas station?

Guess what? You can actually get high-quality gas at low prices from Costo and its gas stations. But you need to have a Costco membership to get this benefit. Otherwise, you can’t even get regular price gas from there.

I’ll explain all about Costco gas station benefits, and whether it’s a good deal, it seems, in this article.

How Good Is the Gas from Costco Gas Station?

Costco is a warehouse club that has built up its services around memberships. A lot of the stores also have their own gas stations.

Yes, it’s also membership-based!

But the gas you can get from Costco is just as good as any other gas station. The gasoline they sell is one of the top-tier ones. And it’s great for your vehicle too! It’s got all the additives needed to keep your engine protected from deposit buildups.

What’s more?

This gasoline can even help clean your vehicle’s engine so that your intake valve and fuel injector stays protected against deposits. And this will also decrease the amount of emissions and eventually improve the overall performance of your car.

You will not be disappointed with the quality of the gas that Costo gas stations around you will offer. I know I have never been!

Why Are Gas Prices Low at Costco Gas Station?

Did you know you could easily get around 21 cents less on every gallon of fuel from Costo compared to regular gas stations?

Now that you know Costco can sell you the right kind of gas, you might be wondering how this gas is so cheap.

I’ll tell you how!

The thing is, you can’t get the gas from Costco without a membership, as I’ve already explained. And this membership can cost you around 60 dollars. As you might need to fill up your tank at least once every other week, it could be a loss for you but a gain for Costco.

Because of this, the low gas prices and the membership combined will cost you more than what you would usually pay at any normal gas station.

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And guess what?

If not you, then someone else!

Yes, you might not be the one to fill up your tank this often, but some Costco customers do. Some even get their membership cards and don’t use them. To each their own! The point is, either way, Costco can easily afford these low prices because of the membership fees.

The Cons

Yes, there are always some give if you’re gaining this much! Costco gas stations do come with their cons. I’ll tell you what they are:

  • Really Long Lines: We all hate long lines, especially me, but you have to endure them at these gas stations if you want the lower prices. I’ll tell you a trick I use: find out what day and time of the week your closest Costco gas station is the most unoccupied. Otherwise, you might have to wait as long as a full hour.
  • Membership Needed: I’ve already explained this! You need to have a membership to get the full benefit of low gas prices. If you have one of these gas stations nearby and you want this cheap fuel, I would say it’s worth paying the membership fees.
  • Card Only: You can’t pay with cash at Costco gas stations! Yes, you either have to pay with your debit card or a Costco Shop Card. And your debit card needs to be PIN-based too! Beware of spending too much on a Costco Shop Card and never using it. Costco will just keep your money!


Any Costco gas station can serve you with your desired price rates, but you need to make sure that you have a membership of Costco. Otherwise, you can’t reap the benefits. And if you can ignore the cons, it’s a great deal.

I mean, I get gas from there, and it has served me well so far! So instead of waiting around and considering whether to get your Costco membership, go for it!

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