Minecraft: Is Curseforge Safe? 

Most of us grew up playing games on our phones. And after the creation of the internet, it became much easier to play games online as well.

There are tons and tons of online games in the market nowadays. Almost makes it really hard to choose.

But Minecraft?

Well, who doesn’t know about Minecraft, right? Yes, but the question that comes to mind is, is Curseforge safe?

It’s the platform some independent developers created to run various custom-built mod pack add-ons for Minecraft.

This platform has such an easy interface, and the fact that everyone can easily make, install, and even customize their own mod packs, which any player can install, raises this question.

And now I’ll answer this question for you!

Is Cruseforge Safe?

The gamers or the community of gamers have two different opinions when it comes to trusting Cruseforge.

Some of the gamers using the Cruseforge platform for long enough would claim that the platform is completely safe to use.

On the other hand,

There are those gamers who would end up having some issues with the Cruseforge platform and some of the mods it comes with.

So they claim that the Cruseforge is not as safe as some people say it is.

And Cruseforge?

Well, the Cruseforge website enforces that they perform human review as well as automation to keep the platform fun, engaging, and, most importantly, safe for moderation.

Even though this platform has quite a number of different mods, they put each of them through not only automated check and processor but also manual reviewing.

But they wouldn’t make exactly how they conduct these things or what they protect the mods public.

Here’s the thing!

The Cruseforge platform does take all the issue-raised files or projects that have already been approved seriously.

What do people say?

An independent advisor from the Microsoft community says, “Yes, curseforge is safe to use. The content submissions there are moderated, to prevent virus/malware making it through your computer.”

Another says, “A Mod works a bit like a virus because it has Code that changes things so some anti virus Programms detect it as a virus. Maybe thats the reason.”

So is Curseforge safe? I think, considering all things, I can say that the Curseforge platform is actually safe to use.

Tips to Avoid Viruses and Malware When You Install Curseforge

There are so many cybercrime issues out there, such as phishing, hacking, and other fraudulent activities.

And most of the antivirus we tend to use do update the software and strengthen the security so that hackers don’t get access to your computer.


Even antiviruses can’t always keep your computer as safe as you would want it to be by getting infected when something is downloaded.

That’s especially the case for Curseforge if it is indeed not safe to install! So you should follow these tips when you want to install it:

  • Find Trusted Sources: There’s less chance of getting infected by malware or viruses if you download Curseforge from a trusted source.
  • Malware and Antivirus Scanners: You should invest in a good antivirus and malware scanner to keep your computer system protected.
  • Updated Computer Software: Some software updates come with security issue fixes to keep your computer safer.
  • No Pop-Ups or Malicious Emails: You might get allured by pop-ups or malicious emails disguised as Curseforge. Always steer clear of such drive-by downloads that might pop up.


Is Curseforge safe? The answer to this question is usually yes. And yet, you should take some necessary precautions when you do want to install Curseforge to avoid any malware or virus.

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