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There’s a lot to be said about New York City. Sure, it’s a fast-paced lifestyle that most people enjoy. 

As a man, you will be able to indulge in a lot of opportunities, experiences, and even hobbies that include a lot of things.

That’s right!

The guy corner NYC guys stuff tech, sports, food, drinks, more are what drives a lot of men to get settled in New York City.

So, today, I will tell you all about what the men get allured by in New York City.


You will find a lot of guys who swear by all kinds of technology and various gadgets. And New York City is the best place to experience these kinds of technologies.

Where to start?

Well, for most of these kinds of men, it all starts with the Apple Store, which is located on Fifth Avenue and is open all hours of the day.

The latest accessories and products by Apple can sway a tech guy like nothing else can. And you can even get on with the workshops and classes on various topics this store has to offer.

That’s not all!

The VR World NYC, situated in Midtown, is a great place for having amazing experiences for men who are really into virtual reality.


If you think about iconic sports teams, you are bound to think about New York City. Teams like the Mets, Yankees, Knicks, Jets, Giants, and Rangers have a huge fanbase across the entire country that any sports guy would love to be a part of.

The arenas and stadiums of this city are always crowded with fans of these sports teams, and any sports guy would kill to get a spot.

And any guy who wants to play one of the sports themselves is going to be presented with a lot of options in this city, like the Chelsea Piers Sports & Entertainment Complex.

This place offers loads of activities like rock climbing, bowling, basketball, and skating. And you will also get the benefit of going to their spa and fitness center.


Any foodie will feel like they have found themselves in food heaven if they go to New York City, especially if they live there.

Same for the guys!

The wide range of various kinds of cuisine that emerges from all over the world is nothing short of a paradise for the foodies.

And any guy looking to get their hands on a good steak can have the best steakhouse experience in the Peter Luger Steak House, which is situated in Brooklyn.

It’s a must-visit!

And if a guy wants something more casual and wants to go for burgers, milkshakes, and fires, they will have a great experience at the Shake Shack.


Alcohol is one of the beverages most men can’t deny. Whether it’s as simple as having a glass of beer, an elegant glass of wine, or even a cocktail, any man will be overwhelmed by all the great options in New York City.

Blind Tiger Ale House, situated in Greenwich Village, is great for having the best kind of beer. On the other hand, Financial District’s Dead Rabbit is great for cocktails.


What’s more, you ask? Well, it can be anything like visits to various museums, having adventures through outdoor activities, or simply going to a park to chill.

New York City has tons of options for each and every kind of experience any guy would love to have.

Final Words

The thing with New York City is that there is really no limit to the experiences a guy can have. There are so many options for having a great experience in New York City that any guy would never want to leave.

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