Best Apps for Drawing Action Poses

Art has always been around. Even when people didn’t know how to communicate using words, they drew on the walls of caves to communicate.

From those caves to the eras of Da Vinci to the modern age, people have always been drawn to various forms of art.

Who doesn’t enjoy art?

In this modern age of technology, art might not be what it once used to be, as it has evolved into many other forms, including digital art.

But back in the day of Da Vinci, artists would use flexuous wooden mannequins to draw a human pose.

Now people can use various apps to draw action poses. And today, I will speak of such apps that you can put to good use.

Magic Poser

Whether you use Android or iOS devices, you can use Magic Poser to help create your action poses.

With this app, you can easily create various 3D models of both male and female humans that have versatile props.

Even different-aged models!

You can have access to many different props and models with this app. And it even lets you use various props like tables, swords, shields, chairs, and more for free.

But if you wanted to use Magic Poser for drawing animal action poses, you might be disappointed because this app doesn’t have any animal models.

Just one disadvantage!

The control system of this app is actually very straightforward and intuitive. And the physics engine, which comes built-in with the app, lets you use your human model like you would a real doll.

Plus, you can tweak it to pose as you need automatically!

Easy-to-use UI!

You can try the free version, but you have to know that you will get limited resources from it. But if you use the paid versions, which are the Master and Pro versions, you will have access to multiple characters, scenery, and objects.


If you want a taste of those earlier wooden mannequins that artists used back in the day, you can use the Manikin app.

This 3D poser app is really easy to use, and you can very easily, seamlessly, and smoothly manipulate the figures in this app.

Just play around!

When you open up the Manikin app, you can see a wooden doll on top of a dark background. You can easily create a skeleton 3D model from this figure and create various action poses.

And you even get to have access to the various items this app lets you use, such as furniture, weapons, and many others.

With the minimalistic interface style of this app, you won’t get distracted from drawing your action pose.

What’s more?

This app comes with many different tool icons that you can use to edit your drawings, such as grid, cut-out, outline, and more.

Pose Maker Pro

Among the apps I already discussed, the Pose Maker Pro app comes with the most varied model choices you can put to your use.

The UI of Pose Maker Pro also doesn’t look much, but that might be exactly what you need to keep you from getting distracted from your goal of creating an action pose.

For both Android and iOS!

You can use this app to get human models that are very realistic, animal models, and even manga-style models.

The best part about this app is that you can alter the models’ facial expressions in just a few seconds.

Final Words

There are many other 3D poser apps in the market nowadays. But the ones that I talked about today are the best 3D poser apps that can help you draw your best action poses in a really short time.

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