Why Do So Few Americans Travel Internationally? Reasons Explained

Traveling is one of the most wonderful things you can do in your free time. Or you can even travel for work and do some exploration while you’re in a new place.

It’s therapeutic!

Yes, traveling to new destinations outside your country can be exhilarating and can even give you the peace of mind you can never experience if you don’t travel.

But it can be scary!

Leaving your comfort zone to go to a place you’ve never been before and where you know no one can be quite intimidating.

And you wonder why do so few Americans travel internationally? Leaving their comfort zone is not the only reason, though.

I will explain all of the surprising reasons you might not have known about.

No Paid Time Off

Companies in the U.S. do have the authority to provide their employees with paid time off. And some of them do give facilities like that to their employees.

But there is no requirement for these companies to do that at a federal level.

No Time

Americans are in every way hard workers. So much so that, on average, most Americans take only 10 days off every year.

On top of that, some of the citizens of the U.S. don’t even bother to take advantage of their paid leave. And they think that they simply don’t have the time to travel.

Where to Go?

Why do so few Americans travel internationally? One of the reasons is that these people actually don’t know much about various overseas travel destinations.

They Are Afraid

As I have mentioned before, Americans are scared to leave their comfort zones, afraid they will get lost in foreign places.

Luggage barriers, political unrest, and fear of flying also cause them not to travel internationally.

No Visa or Passport

Most Americans don’t even have a passport for various reasons. And getting Visas can also become difficult for many Americans. Some don’t even know they need these.

Different Languages

Why do so few Americans travel internationally? Well, most citizens of the U.S. don’t really speak any other language than English.

And they think they need to know the local languages of their travel destinations, which is not a necessity. So they don’t travel overseas!

Can’t Afford It

A lot of Americans say they don’t have the financial ability to travel outside their country. This isn’t necessarily true!

Traveling overseas can be very inexpensive if you know the right ways. But many Americans don’t know that.

Irrational Fears

Why do so few Americans travel internationally? Many citizens of the United States of America are simply sacred.

First off, they don’t want to leave the comfort of their homes, thinking they’ll end up in accommodating places. And they are scared of terrible things happening to them.

Like what?

Well, a lot of Americans have been brought up with a scary view of the world. Most of the time, they click on a news channel or read the newspapers, and they see fearful circumstances surrounding the world outside of their country.

Things like terrorism, natural disasters, accidents, and many hazardous events keep them from wanting to explore new places overseas.

And they don’t want to risk their comfortable and peaceful lives to enter such a horrid situation; they might not be able to come out unscathed or at all.

Final Words

Why do so few Americans travel internationally? Many Americans have a lot of scary visuals in their minds about places overseas, and they think they can’t afford the time or money to travel to new places.

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