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Caring for Your Medium Knotless Braids

There are so many different kinds of protective hairstyles that women all over the world can pull off. Hard to do, but worth it.

Protective hairstyles, such as box braids, Fulani braids, faux fishtail braids, cornrows of different kinds, and so many others, protect your hair from being damaged.

And knotless braids?

Well, knotless braids are making the internet blow up these days, especially medium knotless braids.

They are not too thick and obviously not too thin, either. So I think they are the perfect kind of knotless braids.

Even though medium knotless braids can take care of your scalp, how do you take care of them to make them last long?

I’ll tell you how!

Wash-Day Routine

Washing your hair when you have the medium knotless braids hairstyle going on actually depends a lot on your preference.

Some people wash their hair once every single week. Others opt for going as long as two weeks or more without a wash day.

Here’s the kicker!

A well-reputed hair stylist called Ashley Nesbit says that you can actually go longer than that without washing your hair. 

She says, “Our hair does best when our natural oils can surface.” But she also goes on to say, “But, that doesn’t mean scalp health isn’t important. Shampooing your hair on week four or five will work wonders.”

Four to five weeks!

Now it really depends on how oily your scalp tends to get. Or how often you prefer to wash your medium knotless braids.

And now the question would be what kind of shampoo to use? According to Nesbit, as long as your shampoo gets rid of the dirt, excess oil, and product build-up, you’re good to go.

I suggest a clarifying shampoo!

A clarifying shampoo can really help your scalp as it doesn’t strip off the natural oil on your hair but does a really good job of cleaning the build-up.

And you can try using another soothing shampoo if you would want to go ahead with a second wash.

Moisturizing Your Hair

Just like your skin, your hair also needs moisture. And if you use synthetic hair extensions to do your knotless braids, they are going to dry out your hair.

So moisturize!

Nesbit also talks about moisturizing your hair, saying, “The best way to protect your hair in between washes is to treat the braids with the same respect as you treat your own hair… synthetic hair can dry our hair out.”

So you should use a good hair serum to moisturize your hair that will also hydrate your hair further. 

Applying Oils

As I have already told you, your synthetic hair is more likely to get your natural hair dry, which can cause damage.

And if your scalp gets dry, you might end up with annoying itchiness and flaking, which could lead to hair loss or hair thinning.

You don’t want that!

So to save yourself from such unfortunate troubles, you really need to apply some oil on your scalp.

But make sure you apply the oil after the rest of your hair care routine is completed. Otherwise, the oil could interfere with your leave-in conditioner.

Protection While Sleeping

Women with textured hair already know that taking care of the hair means wearing something while sleeping to protect your hair.

So if you want to keep the freshness of your knotless braids alive, you need to use something like a bonnet to cover your hair.


Even though medium knotless braids make you look stunning, they take a long time to install and can get ruined if you don’t properly take care of your hair. So wash, moisture, and apply oil!

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