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Regal Summer Movie Express 2022 and How to Enjoy with Kids

Watching movies with your kids can be fun or completely insufferable. But it depends on a lot of different factors.

Especially the movie!

If you have to sit through a movie your kid wants to watch but you don’t, it can be enough to try the patience of a saint.

But not all family-friendly movies are this unwatchable! Awesome can be very enjoyable indeed. So you need to be able to pick and choose the movie you want to watch with your kids.

Another thing!

Let’s say it’s summertime and your kids want to watch a lot of movies as they are trying to enjoy the summer vacation.

If you heard about the Regal Summer Movie Express 2022, you’d know that you will get to watch a lot of fun movies for just 2 dollars!

Let me give you a full rundown of how you can enjoy the Regal Summer Movie Express 2022 with your kids.

How to Enjoy Regal Summer Movie Express 2022

Every Wednesday and Tuesday, you can enjoy the Regal Summer Movie Express 2022 movies for only 2 dollars.

How fun is that!

It can be fun for your kids and your family! But to get the most out of watching a movie with your kids, you need to follow these tips:

Choosing the Movie

As I’ve already mentioned, you might easily get bored if you don’t pick out the right movie, even if your kids enjoy it.

So you should watch the trailers beforehand and cherry-pick the movies you know both you and your kids will surely enjoy.

Also, the time!

One important trick I’ll share with you is that you should always try to steer clear of the business of the opening days.

Buying Tickets Beforehand

It can be hard to stay in line and buy your tickets. And standing in line with kids is the toughest thing to experience.

This is exactly why I advise you to buy your tickets beforehand. You can easily get your tickets from various websites.

Another piece of advice I’ll share with you is that you should stay away from the snack bar treats you can get at the theaters. You can save a lot of money and the sugar rush that comes with it.

Ground Rules

Let’s be honest. Kids are loud! They don’t know any better, so it’s not actually their fault. But you know that the cinema is supposed to be a quiet place.

Or at least people should watch movies quietly! So set some ground rules for your kids to be as quiet as possible and try to enjoy the movie. 

One thing you can do in advance to help the case is to make sure your kids are well-rested before they go to the movies.

Attention Span

Kids have a shorter attention span than their older counterparts. So making them sit through a movie for almost 2 hours straight can be a hassle.

I say, skip the previews and the ads before the movie starts and only go in to watch the movie when it does start.

Aisle Seat

An aisle seat is the best way to get out of the theater without making a fuss. And when you’re going to the movies with your kids, you might just need to flee at some point.

It is so much better than climbing over someone’s legs or someone’s bag to get to the exit with your kids.

Final Words

The Regal Summer Movie Express 2022 had a great list of movies, and so will the 2023 one. These movies are affordable and fun to watch with your kids. So get your tickets before they sell out!

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