Why Buy Keychron K8 Pro Mechanical Keyboard

Whether you are a gamer, a programmer, or just someone who needs their keyboards to be sophisticated, you are likely to use a mechanical keyboard.

A mechanical keyboard is better than a membrane keyboard in some ways, especially when it comes to the typing experience.

Don’t you agree?

And they even last longer than membrane keyboards. Plus, you can customize a mechanical keyboard to your liking.

I recommend getting the Keychron K8 Pro hot-swappable mechanical keyboard for a couple of reasons.

Just like any other Keychron wireless mechanical keyboard, this one is of high quality and sustainable, among other features.

I’m not going to talk about most of the features of this keyboard today. Instead, I’ll give you a few reasons to upgrade to this one.

Customize All You Want

As a hot-swappable mechanical keyboard, you can very easily customize the Keychron K8 Pro keyboard to your preference.

No need to know to solder or to desolder for this keyboard. All you need to customize it is a switch puller.

Within an hour!

The sockets of this keyboard are 5-pin. But you can hot-swap with 3-pin switches too. And Keychron offers you Gateron Mechanical Blue, Red, and Brown switches to choose from.

Change the Keycaps

With any hot-swappable mechanical keyboard, you get the option of changing the keycaps. And you can do that with the Keychron K8 Pro keyboard as well.

The keycaps this keyboard comes with are ABS plastic ones, which are very smoother to use and really thin.

But if you would like to use thicker keycaps, you can certainly replace them with thicker ABS or even a PBT set.

Typing Experience

I have to say, the Keychron K8 Pro mechanical keyboard gives you a magnificent typing experience.

However, how well the typing experience is for you will be determined by the switches you choose to go with.

Perfect key spacing!

Usually, tactile keyboard switches are the most preferred when it comes to a good typing experience.

This is because these kinds of switches help you type faster, and you feel great when you are typing with these.

Why so?

Well, the thing with these kinds of switches is that the bump you feel when pressing a key lets you feel that your key press has been registered.

And this helps you to go to your next key when you are done with the first faster, giving you the advantage of a faster typing experience.

Another type of keyboard switch is clicky switches apart from linear ones. And these can also help you achieve a better typing experience because of the clickity sounds.

And guess what?

The switches of the K8 mechanical keyboard can actually give you the feel of both tactile and clicky switches.

So you are bound to find the keyboard typing experience to be amazing.

The Software

The K8 Pro keyboard actually uses great software like VIA, which makes it compatible with devices like Mac, Linux, and PC.

You get four different key layers, Layer 0 for MacOS, Layers 1 and 3 for customization, and Layer 2 for your Windows device.

Easy  Maintenance and Repair

Imagine a keyboard that has a few faulty keys. However, the rest of the keyboard functions properly.

Do you chuck it?

Well, you don’t have to worry about that with this mechanical keyboard because you can just replace the keys without having to solder or desolder.


If you have used a mechanical keyboard before, you would know how great they work. But the Keychron K8 Pro hot-swappable mechanical keyboard is one of the best ones you can buy. It is totally worth it.

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