Examples of Cloud Computing

In this modern world, we can’t go on even a single day without the use of the internet. This is because our lives have become more online now than ever before.

Hasn’t it?

But do you know how you access all the kinds of data you use on the internet? I mean, where does it come from?

You might say that it all comes from the internet, but even the internet can’t hold so much information without some help.

That’s why cloud computing!

Without the existence of the cloud, all this information would never have been possible to be stored for use by people.

Today, I will be discussing some of the examples of cloud computing with you.

Dropbox, Gmail, Facebook

Any kind of software, website, or other source needs to be able to store its data on the cloud if they want to access it on the internet or they want others to access it.

Some of the best examples of cloud computing are Dropbox, Gmail, and Facebook, among others.

Cloud computing helps these with backing up files, making it much easier. And it can easily synchronize all the files automatically, even from the desktop.

And the users of Dropbox have access to files as well as storage of even up to 1 terabyte, all of which is free of charge.

Social networking platforms like Facebook actually need hosting that is really powerful for managing and storing real-time data.

Only cloud-based communications can allow these social networking platforms the click-to-call capabilities they need to have access to systems like instant messaging.

Banking and Other Financial Services

All the consumers of banking and other financial services also need to store their data and files somewhere.

Different kinds of service providers that provide the services of cloud computing help these consumers to store their financial information.

And these services can even store all the necessary tax records to keep them backup online.

Health Care

All kinds of medical professionals can easily host information, do remote diagnostics, as well as analytics with the help of various cloud computing services.

And because of this, healthcare services and tools are stored using different cloud computing. This is great for doctors all around the world.

This is because other doctors can easily access all kinds of medical information from this cloud computing storage and provide their patients with faster updates and even prescriptions.


Institutions that provide higher levels of education, like colleges and universities, can benefit a lot from the use of cloud computing.

And Microsoft and Google even provide many different services for free that students and staff can access for various learning institutions.

Bigger Data Analytics

Another one of the best examples of cloud computing is large data analytics. Because of cloud computing, data scientists can easily analyze data patterns, correlations, insights, predictions, and more.

And because of this, they can easily make better decisions regarding their work.


Communication tools, such as calendar apps and emails, work with the help of cloud computing.

And so, all of the pieces of information as well as the messages, are stored easily using cloud computing.

Government and Business Process

Cloud-based services like IT services let the citizens of a country get access to e-government services.

Because of these services, one can easily handle big transactions with various technology, and citizens see a low amount of congestion bottlenecks.

Businesses, too, can benefit from cloud computing services. A cloud-based service provider can help with things like ERP, CRM, and document management.


There are a lot of good examples of cloud computing is the world of the internet because most if these examples can’t get their work done without the help of cloud computing.

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