Walmart Neighborhood Market: Everything You Need to Know

Shopping is not just a means to an end. We don’t just shop for things we are in absolute need of anymore because we would buy anything we like and can afford.

Am I wrong?

This is exactly why we have embraced the online market and its various stores that allows us everything we need or want to buy from the comfort of our homes.

Although we trust these online stores for all sorts of products, we still prefer to go out shopping in physical stores when it comes to our groceries.

And that’s why we find places like the Walmart Neighborhood Market to be our weekly or monthly stops for groceries.

Let me tell you all you need to know about these stores!

Benefits of Walmart Neighborhood Market

There are a couple of benefits you will find yourself taking advantage of in these stores, unlike the Supercenters. 

And these are:

  • You are most likely to find these stores within a short walking distance from city centers, neighborhoods, and other areas where any customer can easily find their way to such a store.
  • As these stores are much smaller, you can easily be able to navigate yourself throughout the store, especially if you’re only looking to get groceries.
  • Most of the time, you will find these stores to be less crowded.

Walmart Neighborhood Market Vs. Walmart

I already told you about how we find online shopping so convenient. But that doesn’t mean we have to let go of shopping at physical stores like Walmart.

But there’s actually a huge difference between a Walmart store and a Walmart Neighborhood Market.

What difference?

Well, the main differences between these two kinds of stores are the size of these stores and the products they sell.

A Walmart Neighborhood Market is comparatively very small when it comes in comparison with a Walmart.

Neighborhood Markets are found mostly in city centers and towns, whereas you can find Walmart even in places like suburban or rural areas.

That’s not all!

The main difference between the two is that the Neighborhood Markets are mere grocery stores.

On the other hand, a Walmart Supercenter store is actually a kind of store where you can find almost every kind of product.

I’ll make it easier:

  • Products: Neighborhood Market will only sell you groceries, along with other kinds of basic products, whereas Walmart Supercenter will sell you almost everything you can dream of.
  • Size: The size of a Neighborhood Market is comparably smaller than any Walmart Supercenter.
  • Prices: The Neighborhood Markets are located in places where the prices of groceries are usually higher, which is why these stores can be more expensive than a Walmart Supercenter.
  • Locations: You will see Neighborhood Markets in urban areas that are densely populated while the Supercenters are situated in suburban or rural areas.

Why Walmart Neighborhood Markets Are Closing Down?

Wamart started to close down hundreds of both of these kinds of stores across the United States, which started around 2016.

Eight more in 2019!

The thing about these Walmart Neighborhood Markets were that they didn’t really perform as adequately as the Walmart company had wanted the niche stores to.

It has been hard on the Walmart company because they have not been able to find out what their customers really wanted.

The experiment failed!

Even now, Walmafrt keeps on closing down more of these stores each year while not having opened up new locations.

Final Word

A lot of customers must have benefited from a Walmart Neighborhood Market that was located in their area. But as these stores didn’t benefit the Walmart company as much as they hoped, they are closing them down.

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