B2B Payment Solutions You can Rely on

Everyone wants to succeed in their business ventures. I mean, that is why they take part in such ventures anyways.

Am I right?

In this new age of the internet, every single business has an online presence. How else would they reach more potential customers?

And now, a lot of these online businesses have gone for B2B models of business and even use B2B apps to generate more revenue.

If you are someone trying to get into this new trend, you may be wondering what B2B payment solutions people can use.

Don’t you worry!

For you, I have hand-picked a great selection of options you can choose from to find B2B payment solutions.


You must have a Paypal account for making all sorts of payments. And a lot of people know that Paypal is commonly used for B2C payments.

But did you know that you can use Paypal for your B2B payments? Yes, the Paypal B2B payment service can help you to even send your clients tailored invoices through email.

How great is that?

And if you own an e-commerce website, you can even think of using a payment gateway by using Paypal. 


You can also use Stripe as one of your B2B payment solutions. This platform can offer you billing, merchant accounts, and even a payment gateway.

But if you are one of the biggest players in the field of B2B e-commerce, Stripe might actually not be the right solution for you.

Fundbox Pay

Although Fundbox Pay is a newer platform on the market, it is a bit different compared to the rest.

This platform can offer various payment solutions for even smaller businesses while offering credit solutions as well.

Buyers can pay an invoice immediately even without having enough money. And they will get a 60-day interest-free payment option.


Among B2B payment solutions, Square is actually a big name that you can rely on. This platform makes it easy for you to send, manage, and even track your invoices.

The only problem with Square is that you need to make your payments through deceit or credit cards only.


The QuickBooks platform is known chiefly for the accounting software they provide their clients with.

But this platform can also offer B2B payment solutions for your business. And it’s actually a good one at that.

Sending invoices to your clients, arranging installments, and even getting all your notifications in one place are just some of the benefits of using QuickBooks.


Another B2B payment solution for your business is Plastiq, as it can easily centralize all the B2B payments you need to make invoices for.

And it helps your buyers’ preferences to be as respectful as possible. They can use credit cards or wire transfers if they need.


You can’t go wrong with TradeGecko when it comes to being a great B2B payment solution for your business.

This platform can also offer you a payment gateway, especially if you have any wholesale buyers.

No invoices, though!

If you want to have invoices sorted out for you, TradeGecko might not be the best B2B payment solution for you.


You might own a SaaS company. And if your company has a subscription-based business model, Braintree is one of the best B2B payment solutions for your business.

However, there is a charge-per-transaction fee that you will have to pay if you use this payment platform for your business.

But they create seamless operations that you can’t argue with. And they offer payment opportunities via cryptocurrencies, Android Pay, Apple Pay, Venmo, and more.

The Verdict

I have given you quite a few B2B payment solutions that you can take advantage of for your B2B business. Depending on the requirements you have, you can choose one of these solutions to do your business.

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