How to Block Mind-Reading Technology If It Exists

Many of us do not have any idea about how much technology has evolved in this date and time.

That’s dangerous!

Why, you ask? That is because the advancement of technology has led people to discover ways to read people’s minds.

And the people who have this technology can easily misuse it and make it really dangerous for others. 

Not literally mind-reading!

People can’t read the literal thoughts of others yet. But they can surely read expressions and body movements through the use of technology and deduce their thoughts.

And devices like smartphones, smartwatches, fitness trackers, etc., are making it easier to track and decipher our movements and thoughts.

So how to block mind-reading technology?

I’ll tell you how you can block this mind-reading tech in a moment. Read along to stray safer!

Copper Bracelets

The first thing you can do is not wear those fitness trackers and smartwatches. That will prevent the mind-reading technology from doing its job altogether.

Don’t want to?

Well, there is an alternative to this! You can actually wear copper bracelets, either instead of these wearable devices or with them.

These copper bracelets will surely help you block the technology of mind-reading and keep you safe.

How so?

Copper can block various electromagnetic fields. And because of this, your copper bracelet will interfere with this kind of technology and stop them from picking up on your brainwaves.

Staying Away from Smartphones

Yes, you need to steer clear of smartphones to save your mind from being read by these technologies.

But that’s impossible!

I know that our smartphones have become a sort of lifeline for use. We can’t go anywhere without these things.

But there’s no other choice if you want to block any kind of mind-reading technologies from reading your brainwaves.

Still can’t do it?

Well, then, the best piece of advice I can give you is to use your smartphone as little as possible. And do not sleep with them in your bed or near your brain.

Stop Looking Directly at Electromagnetic Fields

Different kinds of electromagnetic fields have the ability to get a read of your brainwaves and eventually read your mind.

But if you have a medical emergency where you need to take an MRI or CT scan of your brain, how do you keep your mind from not being read?

They have electromagnetic fields!

Don’t you worry! I have a bit of a solution to this problem!

First of all, your brain activity has to be monitored at this point for medical necessities. But if you don’t look at the electromagnetic field directly, you can somewhat block the mind-reading technology.

How, though?

Studies show looking at an electromagnetic field directly can help make it easier to get a read on your brain activity.

So don’t look!

Tin Foil Hat

Another solution is to wear a comfortable tin foil hat. It can easily block any mind-reading technologies.

No to Reading on an Electronic Device

Yes, you can have a lot of advantages when you read something, especially a book, on an electronic device.

But doing so can easily help the mind-reading technology to read your mind. So go back to basics!

Mind Readers Being Tested

Mind-reading technology hasn’t yet fully developed. So scientists keep researching for better technology.

Make sure you can track where people are being tested for this technology and stay away from those places.

Faraday Cage

A Faraday Cage is the ultimate way of blocking the electromagnetic fields of mind-reading technology.

So if push comes to shove in the future and you want your privacy, you should build a Faraday cage!

Final Words

How to block mind-reading technology? Well, there actually are a few ways you can block the electromagnetic fields of different mind-reading technologies. And I have given you some of the best solutions you can try to stay safe from this technology!

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