Best Japanese Home Gadgets

I have seen enough of those Instagram Reels, TikTok videos, and even those Facebook videos of Japanese home gadgets that look like they are too good to be true.

But they are real!

Those aren’t just videos of funny yet very oddly satisfying Japanese home gadgets that only exist in these videos.

They are not only really innovative gadgets for the home, but these gadgets can really make your life a bit more convenient than before.

So I tried some!

Even though there were too many products to choose from, I could only get my hands on a couple of them. Some of them I loved, and some of them I didn’t.

So today, I’ll tell you why the products that I love are the best Japanese home gadgets that everyone should use.

Daikin Loop Streamer Deodorizer DSA10W-W

I was not sure about this first Japanese home gadget when I thought about buying it. Honestly, I did it for the laughs but ended up actually loving it.

When I first saw the Daikin Loop Streamer Deodorizer DSA10W-W, I didn’t think it would be much of a help to me.

But I was wrong!

As I live in a small apartment with enough clothes to cover an entire town full of people, just kidding, I don’t have much space for my clothes.

And for the most part, most of my clothes don’t get used. But living in my closet, all crammed together, these unused clothes tend to get a bit smelly.

That’s why I bought it!

Plus, my closet also holds all of my shoes, worn or not, that might be smelly too. But this gadget really solved my problem.

I just stack it inside my closet and let it do its thing. And boy, does it do it well!

This device deodorizes the spacer inside my closet and even my room whenever I open up my closet doors.

High-quality gadget!

And the best part about this device is not the modern and sleek look but the fact that it lasts about 8 to 9 days if I charge it just once.

G450 Integrated Smart Toilet

I’m sure you’ve heard about it, and I have always wanted to have the luxury of owning the G450 Integrated Smart Toilet, which is basically a bidet toilet.

It’s so much more!

This toilet does more than a lot of other technological innovations can, which is saying something. 

The tornado flush is not what I’m this excited about. It is actually the heated seat that keeps me coming back to it on cold days.

And guess what?

You can even pre-mist the toilet bowl before using it. And the lid opens and closes if you just touch it!

I have to be honest, this toilet is a huge investment. But you’ll know if you get it that it’s worth all that money.

Toes Kurumin Electric Blanket

Last but not least, another Japanese home gadget I fell in love with is the Toes Kurumin Electric Blanket.

It is exactly that, an electric blanket! And it is actually really useful in cold weather. I mean, you’ve all suffered from not being able to sleep because of the cold in winter at some point.

Problem solved!

You are only meant to slip your feet under this blanket and not your entire body. But that’s better than slipping your feet into your partner’s body to keep your feet warm, right?

And you can set a timer that will keep this blanket heated up for as long as 2 hours! I just love it, to say the least!


The various Japanese home gadgets in the market are making the lives of people better every single day. And the products that I mentioned above are definitely making my life more convenient.

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