Troubleshooting Roku Error 014.30

In the modern age of technology, there are so many different kinds of devices that get us through the day.

Some of these devices we can’t live without. And most of these kinds of technology only go on to make our lives more convenient.

Such technology is the Roku media player, which has become really popular with a lot of people because of its performance.

You have one?

If you do, you might know why people are satisfied with it. But that must also mean that you might have come across the Roku Error 014.30.

Don’t you worry!

Today, I will tell you all about what Roku Error 014.30 is and how you can fix it.

What Is Roku Error 014.30?

Before we can get into how to fix this issue, you should know what it means so you can get straight into fixing the problem.

This error code might also bring up a message box that says, “Can’t connect to your wireless network.”

And this obviously means that you have a poor internet connection or that your internet connection is simply not available.

But there are other reasons!

Maybe your Wi-Fi signal is just fragile. And as Roku devices would need a stable internet connection to work properly, you need to make sure it’s stable, or the router is close enough.

Sometimes, TV configurations might be the reason for this error code. If your TV is configured in a way that interferes with Roku devices, this problem might occur.

Or TV software issues!

Another reason for this error could easily be the fact that you typed in the wrong password for your Wi-Fi connection. It happens to the best of us.

How to Troubleshoot Roku Error 014.30

There are a few ways you can get into fixing this issue, which I will explain to you in detail in a moment.

Troubleshooting Internet Connection

As the main problem is usually the internet connection, you need to check if the connection is secure.

But if your internet connection is performing well, you should restart the router and modem this way:

  • Unplug all your hardware from the modem and the router.
  • Give them about 30 seconds to cool down.
  • Plug in the modem again and press your device’s power button if you need to.
  • After about 60 seconds, plug in the router and press the power button.
  • Let it boot up for about 2 minutes.

Checking the Password

If your network works, check the password this way:

  • Using the Roku remote, press your Home button and go to Settings.
  • Find Network and seek out the Setup connection. Then, choose Wireless.
  • Select your network and check the password.

System Restart

You might want to system restart the Roku device you are using to see if you can solve the issue that way.

To do that, you can follow the steps below:

  • Go directly to the Setting on your Roku device by using the remote.
  • When you are in, look for the System option. There you will find the option for System Restart. Click on it.

Factory Reset

If you want to factory reset your Roku device, you will lose all the data. And this is how you do it:

  • Go again to Settings and find the System option.
  • Look for Advanced system settings, where you can find the option for Factory Reset.
  • Click on Factory Reset Everything and put in the code that the screen will show you. Then, click on OK.


The Roku Error 014.30 is certainly not an issue that you should be worried about at all. It is most probably an issue with the internet connection, which you should be able to easily fix yourself.

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